Stockgitter Connect is the simple collaborative hub that allows teams to connect in a professional workspace and communicate with all staff – all from a single experience in real-time.

  • Upload and share documents easily based on one or more financial instrument.
  • Communicate though threaded and persistent chat and keep everyone in the know.
  • Initiate a private or group chat, share files or co-author content.
  • Add Stock to watchlist for your client and build real-time portfolio on the Go

  • Stockgitter Connect allows user users to get real-time responses to their most pressing equstions in a second.
  • Keep Track of your client most frequently asked questions to better enhance your products and services.
  • Automatically create a focused knowledgebase to perform analysis and see how your organization performs in relation to each stock, financial product and ideas!
  • Make your application process more engaging and a seamless process for your clients

  • Access our multiple source market News, Analysis Tools & Charts for USA and Jamaican Stocks, Bonds, Mutual fund, & Unit Trust
  • View Stock Ratings from Jamaican Brokerage firms.
  • Research, Create, Print Analysis from one workspace & share with other team members and Clients.

  • Allow your clients to Indicate an interest in IPOs immediately and get connected to open accounts.
  • Simulate trades & Create Watch list with your clients on the Go and watch profit/Loss in Real Time.
  • Access, from your Mobile Phone, Tablet and other devices seamlessly 24/7.

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